All our selections are the very best in premium jerky. If you are here, it means you are tired of that Sasquatch-endorsed, mediocre jerky you find in gas stations and grocery stores, and ready for some Meat Taffy.

Meat Taffy™ Bouquet of Beef Sticks

The perfect gift for the meat lover in your life.

Meat Taffy™ Brand Jerky

Supporting local farmers since 1967, our prize jerky is handmade and natural wood smoked in Chatfield, Minnesota.


Try and find a better tshirt. We dare you.

Meat Taffy™ Beef Sticks

Supporting local farmers since 1967, our sticks are handmade and natural wood smoked in Chatfield, Minnesota.

Bayou Blend

Cajun-inspired jerky that was born
on the Bayou.

Lucky Brand Jerky

This 100% all natural beef jerky is incredible.

True Jerky

All natural gluten-free craft Beef Jerky straight out of Cali.

Bubba’s Carolina Jerky

A Disabled Veteran-owned Company; Tender Jerky with a Savory Taste!

Fatman's Beef Jerky

Fatman's Beef Jerky will please any jerky fanatic.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse: Made-to-order beef, chicken and bacon jerky from historic Pennsylvania!

Nebraska Star Beef

Family brand steaks and burgers with a Five Star restaurant taste.

Meat Taffy™ Gift Certificate

Easy to give, easy to use.


We’re just a bunch of guys and gals with a jerky addiction who got tired of the same old gas station and grocery store stuff. Time to get the good stuff. Premium Jerky. Meat Taffy.

There are people out there making killer Meat Taffy, guys who own smokehouses, tiny meat shops, little independent supermarkets – some right out of their garages! We decided to start hunting down the very best little Meat Taffy makers around, tasting what they make, and then helping them sell it to people who say they like jerky – but really want high quality, hard-to-get-but-easy-to-love Meat Taffy.

That’s why we started We go find the great stuff, and make it easy to get. That’s it.