Meat Taffy™ Brand Jerky

$ 32.95

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Meat Taffy™ Brand Jerky
Meat Taffy™ Brand Jerky
Meat Taffy™ Brand Jerky

Introducing: New Meat Taffy™ Brand Beef Jerky.

We have always searched the western hemisphere for the finest, hard-to-find premium jerky there is, and have been bringing it to you at

Guess what. We learned where to find and how to make great beef jerky.

So check out new Meat Taffy™ Brand Jerky! We’ve partnered with folks who know high quality cowboy jerky and meats that are hand-made and wood-smoked naturally – and who have been making it for over 50 years!

Tradition and expertise are poured into our handmade, naturally smoked meats. You can taste the difference! So check it out and order a Big Bag – today.


The Meat Taffy™ Pound ‘Em Down 5- 1/8s Big Bag – $32.95

That 5/8 socket wrench ALWAYS seems to fit exactly what you need tightened.
So get 5 - 1/8 lb. packages of our straight-up cowboy slab Meat Taffy™ delivered at once.

  • This bag ships with 5 - 1/8 lb. packages of Meat Taffy™ Beef Slab Jerky 


The Meat Taffy™ Taste Times Ten – $46.95

Ten. Count ‘em Ten! Never let your taste buds run out of their favorite jerky.
Get a whole bundle of 10 – 1/8 lb. packages of Meat Taffy™.

  • This bag ships with 10 – 1/8 lb. Packages of Meat Taffy™ Beef Slab Jerky