Meat Taffy™ Spring Sampler

$ 25.99

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Meat Taffy™ Spring Sampler

Introducing the NEW Meat Taffy™ Spring Sampler!

You won’t have to choose between our handmade, naturally smoked meats because you’ll get them ALL with the Meat Taffy™ Spring Sampler!

Each sampler is filled with our Beef Slab Jerky, Big Swinging Sticks and a whole lotta flavor. Try every Meat Taffy™ product and taste what a difference expertise and tradition can make.

Discover the ridiculously delicious flavors in your new favorite jerky brand with our Spring Sampler for only $25.99.



Meat Taffy Spring Sampler – $25.99

All of our premium meats in one delicious sampler… YES PLEASE!

Each sampler includes:

  • 3 - 2 oz. packages of Meat Taffy™ Beef Slab Jerky
  • 3 - 1.5 oz. Big Swinging Sticks in Original, Teriyaki, and Hot